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Didn’t have much luck finding something applicable by searching the web or the forum here so I’ll pose our dilemma: Our middle school had a much larger than normal turnout (~32) this year of students interested in joining our Robotics Club . Putting aside funding/materials issues, any thoughts on managing ~6 teams? Have returners “manage” a team? Recruit parent mentors? Cross our fingers and hope for the best? :slight_smile:

Three of us teachers currently run the club and find our hands have been more than full with the 3 teams of approx 5 kids each we have been fielding for the past couple of years (this will be our 3rd season competing in VEX IQ).

We’d hate to turn anyone away but are concerned If we stretch ourselves too thin we we may ultimately disservice the entire group.

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At my school that I went too the teachers had to deal with 6 teams too!
They basically did big presentations on a projector on like how to build and the game and it was a lot of fun. They went around helping teams when they needed it and if a student raised thier hand, they would help them. The good old days… This worked pretty well as 100% of the teams made it to states and 50% made it to worlds. Teach the teams your own way, as that is the best one. Good luck :relieved:

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We are a community team and run about 60 to 80 students at the moment run 16 teams from VEX IQ through VEX-U. We run our teams with three to five students per team. The high school teams take care of themselves, and younger teams have a parent/mentor/coach to help them out. My colleague Jeff (our EP) and I (just a worker bee) run the administration and logistics side of the organization, which is entirely led by volunteers and funded by sponsors and fundraising efforts like hosting events.

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Yeah, I ran into a similar issue when I did some (surprisingly effective) advertising on my school announcement. 38 people showed up!

The only advice I can give you is to wait. Often times those who are truly interested will stay, while many will leave. Our first meeting was 38, then the next week was 30, then 25, etc. Now I have 21 very reliable and consistent people in my club, much more manageable.


I have 8 Vex IQ teams this year. We are a private school and have 40+ students, team sizes are between 4-7. I get a parent mentor for each team and then I lead the mentors. It has worked well for us.

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At the moment my program has 60ish members, and two staff mentors (plus one student volunteer). We have them among 10 teams. Its alot. The numbers have dropped slightly for us since the beginning of the year, but my best advice is that if you have turnout like that, making sure that team members are staying connected is important.

We post updates on Google Classroom regularly and the students have a discord amongst themselves. We haven’t had to start having ‘team captains’ but it might be a good idea if you have students responsible enough.

Meeting wise we have two ‘stages’, a brief 10 minutes max full club gathering where announcements are given and other general addresses made, then the teams split off and work independently for the remainder of the time. So far it’s worked pretty well.

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Thanks all for the feedback - It was very helpful! We ended up pairing two teams with one advisor with each team including at least one person with previous experience. Good luck to everyone this year!

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