Question about field layout for Championships

As you know, we have a game in which game pieces can be loaded into the robot.

We have concerns about playing with an elevated field at the World Championships! Our robot can lift into the air and we like to have the robot in the air when items are loaded. This works fine when the drivers/coaches are standing on the ground but becomes a problem if the field will be elevated at the championships.

This is especially true as we have a middle school team and they are already starting at a height disadvantage.

Question: Will the field be elevated?
Question: Will steps or platforms be available for the loading?

We are hoping that the field will be on the ground and the event is designed for the benefit of the competitors and not the benefit of the viewing audience.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Just wondering if there is any update to this question?

Dave G.

Dave G.,

All competition fields will be on 24" platforms during World Championship.

Here’s what the Game Manual has to say, on page 17:

“Field Height: At many tournaments the playing field will be placed on the floor. Some tournament organizers may choose to elevate the playing fields by up to 36”. For safety reasons, no drive team members will be allowed to stand on any sort of object during a match, despite the presence of raised fields.”

I look forward to seeing your team in Anaheim.