Question about <G2>

Will a robot be allowed to pass tech inspection if it does not contain itself within 18"^3 outside of a match, but starts within a legal size because it is being supported by the field perimeter?


Let’s be clear here, 18"x18"x18" is a requirement, no wiggle room in the interpretation. At inspection the robot is measured, if it does not fit that volume of the cube, it should not pass inspection. Teams should take ownership of understanding what is being checked and check BEFORE the competition that the robot will pass inspection. I had a student who worked on the robot between club meeting time and competition making modifications that obviously would not pass inspection. I had no sympathy, team was not allowed to checkin or be inspected until it conformed to the checklist.

Why do I ask my teams to run through the checklist themselves? Well, the inspectors are usually the referees who will have a long day ahead. It makes a favorable impression to be ready. Having teams require multiple times delays things a bit. Sizing tool is objective. Any part of the robot touches it, your robot should not pass inspection. Do you really want that critical component or wiring dangling outside your structure?

Here are the specific documents teams should use as part of their process to make sure their robot is “competition ready” before heading to a tournament or championship. The first document is the most critical. The second informs you how the inspection checks the software and motors for compliance. Although the latter you probably going to only see during Worlds.

Robot Inspection Checklist
Software check
PTC Verification

@DRow The PTC Verification document here needs updating. It refers to robot specific rule <R22>, but in the Starstruck Game Manual it is <R21>.

Cross references must be a pain to maintain!

I think if you should have a metal piece to keep the part in the 18^3 during inspection, then remove that metal piece after, I think that will be allowed.


Any restraints used to maintain robot size during inspection have to stay in for the match.

You need to develop a release mechanism to keep your robot legal. As a judge, I’d never let a team get away with this.

I missed the second part of the question:

If your robot can not stay 18"x18"x18" on its own, it does not meet the requirements. Referees may pull the robot out to have it re-inspected if it is thought to violate <R4>. You opposing alliances can ask for a re-inspection (they might not get it). However, they should realize it will create tensions throughout the competition day.

My advice to teams - make sure all of your robot fits within a 18"x18"x18" cube (this includes wires, shafts, screw heads etc…) before coming to a match without external support.

My suggestion to teams is to size their robot everyday while working on it. Use a sizing tool to check every time you add a component. The inches can creep up on you.

Ya i agree, we accidentally made ours one inch to big and had to cut off part of out linear piston :P… luckily it still worked…