Question About Overhangs

This question is for the purpose of a strategy in mind.
I’ve read the entire rule book and searched the entire forum, but I’ve never exactly seen anything about overhangs. Now, I will say that having a perimeter/wall around cones is a definite illegal and is in violation of the horde rule, but I haven’t exactly seen any restrictions on parts that overhang. If I were to have a robot that has an overhang which hovers above multiple cones, would this be considered legal? If I build a large overhang, I can say that the opponent robot still should have those capabilities set in mind to have an intake that can reach far enough to intake those cones, kind of like the same concept as knocking over cones to make it more difficult for the opponent to intake them. Another thought is that you also won’t have any concave or flat surfaces touching the cones, since it’s only hovering above.

This would definitely be subject to extra scrutiny as per <G12>

This wouldn’t be a violation of <SG9> since you aren’t Possessing any of the cones

This doesn’t qualify as cone hoarding

Since you are not objectively restricting access, I would assume it would be legal. However, I would suspect that any robot that damages you in an attempt to score would not be penalized, because of the aforementioned <G12>

Thank you very much for the quick response! I appreciate it. I completely forgot in the defensive strategy portion :smiley:

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