Question about PIC controller

I am trying to get the PIC controller working with the remote control. The RX1 lights up correctly so I am pretty sure they are communicating. The center orange/brown light blinks when I move the joysticks. HOWEVER, I am not getting the motors plugged into slots 2 & 3 to respond. I do have the remote set to ‘23’ mode. Is there a jumper that should be in one of the slots? It has been a long time since I used the PIC controller and I have forgotten the quirks. Any and all help is appreciated.
Team 2118 ABCD
Gloucester VA

When in doubt download the master code and the default firmware. Software and instructions are here wiki Software_Downloads.

What the default software does can be found in the Inventor’s guide, Chapter E

Good luck!

A while back (downloaded circa Summer 2011), I had a version of EasyCv2 that gave me problems with the default code. When I upgraded to the latest version (early 2012), the problem disappeared.

I am using RobotC 3.54 and I did change the platform to PIC and have updated the Master firmware and the robotC firmware. Still no luck.

It still needs a program to run. So you’ll need to write a five line program.

I had sugested the default pic master code and default application since it runs tank & arcade in both 2&4 motor drives.