Question about pinning.

If a robot A is pinning robot B and initiates the 5 count to move away and robot A is disabled (motors tripped) and can’t move away and has notified the refs that their robot cannot move, then later in the match regained power, would this still be a DQ?

You’ve posted your question in the General Forum, so any answer here won’t be official. It seems to me that whether or not your robot is operational is irrelevant then considering if you are pinning or not as it is not mentioned in the rules. This post is the closest official answer to what you are asking, though it only refers to entanglement.

Thanks for this, I appreciate the fast reply.

Short (unofficial) answer: Once you initiate a pin, you are responsible for what happens.


lool happened to us once
stupid vexnet disconnect :frowning:
lesson learned though! :wink:

i think the general rule is - robot starts a pin, it must finish it (whatever the circumstances) … even vexnet/battery/motor failure

(we learnt this at UK Nationals for gateway, robot failed during a pin, luckily enough because we were backing away, and that is when the vexnet died, it was deemed that it was “OK”)

Thank you everyone for all the helpful information, I really appreciate all your help.