Question about processing objects at same time

In the rule, it says we cannot process more than 4 objects at same time, but how about this?(see attachments)


Mine is NOT an official answer, but if you look at the game manual, it says this:

**Possessing – A Robot is considered to be Possessing a Scoring Object if it is carrying, holding, or controlling the movement of any Scoring Object(s) in the Robot. Pushing/plowing Scoring Objects is not considered Possession, however using concave portions of your Robot to control the movement of Balls is considered Possession.

<SG8> Robots may not Possess more than four (4) Scoring Objects at once…

Of course, many things are up to the discretion of the refs, but I’m guessing what you’re showing would be considered possessing since you are controlling the balls and it would be nearly impossible for your opponent to gain access to those balls. Also, if nothing else, the structure you’re showing would probably qualify as “concave”. To get an official response to your question, you need to post this in the Official Q&A.

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So, no