Question about programming for robot & programming skills

Sorry but I need this is be answered quck so here i go. The question is about programming for robot skills and programming skills. In both programs since of vexnet I made the timers 0 for both autonomous and driver control. For the robot skills I don’t have any autonomous written. And the programming skills i do. What do I really have to do in easy-c to have my programs ready for robot skills and programmings skills. By the way i am using easy-c. PLEASE HURRY I NEED THESE ANSWERS URGENTLY

Can you guys please answer my qeustion…, and please dont ignore me.

I’m don’t know much about Vex Net’s competition stuff with easyC, but here’s what I observed.

“File>>new competition project” will open a competition template. A pop-up window will come up asking if you’re using Vex-Net or Crystals. After that, the code will come up. You should place the time for autonomous and the time for operator control, I suppose it’s 60 seconds for autonomous if you’re using programming skills and 60 in OperatorControl if you’re in robot skills. 0 seconds for the other one. Just double click on the blocks to set the time.

The autonomous code would go on “user functions >> Autonomous” and the operator control code on “user functions >> Operator Control” on the left.

Sorry if I didn’t understand your question correctly. Good luck.

thank u so much! I’ll see if this works for VEXnet. What team are you from, and what school is that?

I’m from team 2211B, we are not from a specific school, we’re like a small club.

Glad I helped!!