Question about purchasing vexlabs items

is it possible to use preloadable visa for online purchases?
any responses would help:)

Probably since I believe they act just like a debit/credit card. I have a VisaBuxx card which is essentialy what you are talking about and you just use like a normal credit card but you put money on it so as long as there is enough on the card it should work.

i think simon gift cards work, but you have to register them online for online purchasing. Plus, they’re a rip-off because they take like 2.50 off your account every month after like 7 months or something.

1.i dont know wat simon gift card
2. is there an age limit for its use or for all ages

a simon gift card is the VISA gift card. You can spend it anywhere that accepts VISA.

There is no age limit for simon gift card, but like i said before, for online purchases, you have to register it online.

Make sure you purchase what you need with your as soon as possible, since they take money off a few months later.

oh think i know wat u mean its the same thing toysrus and other stores use to b jerks:mad:
after so long of none use they start charging you