Question about pushing one alliance triball into opponent's goal during auton

Hello everyone,

Assuming my robot starts in the opponent’s offending zone, since my robot has an alliance triball, can my robot push it into the opponent’s goal to get 5 points? I was told that my robot cannot touch the opponent’s goal, but I didn’t find any specific rule for it. Any help would be highly appreciated.

You can push it in during the autonomous portion due to rule SG8 d. I recommend you read the manual instead of taking someone else’s word for it.

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I can’t delete my previous response so I’m making another one. I reread the rules and SG8 d has some contradictory wording

d. This rule only applies during the Driver Controlled Period. Entering an opponent’s Goal is not permitted at any time during the Autonomous Period.

The first sentence contradicts the second sentence. It may be worth making a QA.

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I don’t see any contradiction.
The robot don’t need to enter into the goal to score the triball.

The way I interpret it, this rule is just to ensure robots do not camped underneath the opponent’s goal (when it is not double team) and push the triballs out.


My robot would not camp under goal. However, in oder to push the triball into the goal, part of my robot will enter then goal for a very short period of time, and meanwhile also touch the horizontal bar of the goal. I am not sure if this is allowed or not.

I just re-read the relevant rules again, and I must say that @EcstaticPilot is not wrong to suggest a formal Q&A.

What I have mentioned is still true, ie. the robot can use the flat edge to push the triball inside the opponents’ goal without the need of entering the goal.

I do think the spirit of this rule is just to prevent descoring when there is no double-zoning, but the rule has explicitly mentioned that there should be strictly no entering of opponents’ goal during autonomous period.

So my concern is there is no definition of what is consider as “entering”. Is it when the wheel is inside the goal? Or just any parts of the robot (including the intake)?

If GDC’s intention is no parts of the robot should even go pass the plane of the goal, then we will need a VAR for the referees to make the call.


I’m surprised that’s not q&a’d yet but if you go perfectly by the book, then you must take precautions to stay completely out of the opponent’s goal. I say this because SG8c says teams are responsible for the actions of their robots and SG8d says entering an opponent’s Goal is not permitted at any time during the Autonomous Period. So in my eyes, entering an opponents goal during auton to score a triball is a minor violation and a loss of auton. No reason not to Q&A it tho…