Question about Robot rule one

What is the legality of having two seperate robots that would compete for different events? (say, one for state and one for worlds, leaving the other at home) The intent of this rule is said to “ensure an unambiguous level playing field for all Teams” so that a team with “two separate Robots at the same tournament” doesnt diminish the efforts of teams with one robot to do all the game’s tasks.
If i bring one legal robot to one competition and another to a separate competition, would that be in violation? I would assume that R1a, b, and c are referring to if they were happening at the competition, not in my own lab.
While obviously I could just not tell the refs about the other robot, my concern is notebook. I dont want to get DQed for this violation because I talked about two separate robots in notebooking.

You may build as many robots as you like, as long as you only use one for each event you attend.


thank you! that was what i was thinking but i wanted to confirm

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Generally, there is no violation.

But do take note of these few pointers…

  1. You are not allow to swap robots during tournament, i.e. you need to stick to the same robot throughout a tournament

  2. You can have more than 1 robots sitting in your lab. But the robot(s) must not be shared among teams. eg. you cannot “loan” or “lend” your spare, unused robots to other teams


Moreover, you can not have a person filling the role of program on a team fill that role for other teams. Ditto for other specified roles specified in the Game Manual. There are limited situations where transferring of roles is permissible, and those are outlined in the Game Manual. If your club has role transferring happing under these circumstances notify your RECF RSM and any EPs of events you will be attending. This will help with Judging process at events and questions raised by teams at the event (trust me it happens a lot and it is expected).

End of the day, fair play expects that a team has defined members working for that team, and that the robot presented at event is not a robot that competed for another team at prior events. ditto for code, design, and build.


yes, both robots will be built by and used by my team only. we will only be bringing one robot to each competition, leaving the other at home in our lab. thank you for your response !!

This is completely legal. As long as only 1 robot per tournament. My club usually has 2-3 fully completed robot at a given time. This is partially for more complete practice but also for programming and the ability to choose the more reliable robot or a robot with new features to bring to competition. We do always keep one “previous generation” robot in case the new one breaks or starts having issues. This can be really useful in general for all teams/clubs. I’ll give an example of a few years ago when up until the night before states we were working on a double catapult design. We were not able to get good reliability but we had the puncher robot fully in tact and ready and we’re able to use that.

Tldr: it’s legal as long as only 1 robot per tournament/event/competition/whatever you want to call it


I believe not sharing the spare robot is an important aspect as well.


Another good reason to do this is it gives you another robot to scrimmage with.


Yep! That’s absolutely right. Playing 1v1 or 2v0 is wayyyy better practice than solo practice

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That is absolutely right. You are not allowed to share any robots with other teams within you school/club or outside of your school/club

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