Question about rollers and preauton

I am thinking of using double rollers to launch the balls, and was wondering would I be allowed to start the rollers spinning during preauton so I wouldn’t have to waste time in autonomous waiting for the rollers to get up to speed?

I don’t think you’ll be able to have the motors running at competitions during the preauton phase, since your robot is disabled which includes all tasks and motors. but you can startup your motors at the beginning of the auton phase, rather than have them running on command.

Important Reminder:

If you plan to use other separate tasks to control motors or sensor values, make sure you use a command to start them in the beginning of autonomous!!! Just starting them in pre-auton is not enough!! VERY IMPORTANT!

Field control stops all of your tasks when it disables your robot, so if you do not have a start task command in the beginning of auton and test auton in driver control usually, what you would experience is smooth testing when you hit a button, pause driver control and run auton, but severe glitch with field control disabling you and then running auton during a match because a task that usually runs in testing (started in pre-auton and never stopped in regular off-field-control testing) is stopped by field control and never started back again.

This bad boy cost us two matches at worlds and the opportunity to play in eliminations. :stuck_out_tongue: