Question about rule G18a and SG8e


I have a question about rule G18a. It states:

The determination of the Autonomous Bonus and Autonomous Win Point(s) will occur for all Matches immediately after the Autonomous Period ends, after all Scoring Objects, Field Elements, and Robots come to rest.

This implies the the autonomous period doesn’t end until all objects come to rest.

Rule SG8e states:

Match Load Rings may only be introduced during the Autonomous Period or the Driver Controlled
Period, i.e. they may not be introduced during the pause between the two periods, or prior to the Match.

Does this mean that match loads can be placed after the clock ends, but while the robot is still moving?

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No - the Autonomous Period end time is a specific time. Scoring occurs when all objects come to rest. So if a team member places object after period ends, then the object must be removed before driver controlled period starts. If the team member’s action interferes with the position of robots and other objects, then that is a good question if there is a penalty associated.