Question about Showing Back Up Battery Voltage on LCD

I am part of a 1st year middle school team. We’re trying to figure out how to program a LCD Display to show back up battery voltage using EasyC programming. We have gotten it to show main battery voltage but are having trouble with the back up. If anyone knows, please respond.

@Ilikeswimming what kind of troubles are you having?

In easyC you can do this:

int uartNum = 1; // depends on where you plugged in the LCD; either 1 or 2
int rowNum;  // the number of the row you want to update; either 1 or 2

// declare a variable to hold the backup battery voltage
float backupBattVoltage;

// later, when you want to get the voltage in the code
backupBattVoltage = GetBackupBattery();

setLCDText(uartNum, rowNum, "9V battery: %f",backupBattVoltage);
// don't have to use variables for uart and row; could have:
// setLCDText(1, 1, "9V battery: %f",backupBattVoltage);

Here’s a screenshot of the help screen for GetBackupBattery:

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.40.17 PM.png