Question about Skills Qual Spots

Hi everyone!

I have a quick question about VEX skills qualification spots. In California at this time, we currently have 34 qualified teams with 40 spots total. 9 of these 34 teams have a double qualification, some of which were gained through signature events. Furthermore, two of these 9 teams have qualified three times, once at a signature event and twice through states. My question concerns how the spots would be allocated. Would it be

40 (California allocated spots) - 34 (Currently qualified california teams) = 6 spots


9 (Number of double qualified teams) + 2 (Number of triple qualified teams) = 11 spots?

The question here is if additional spots are determined by either the number of multiple qualifications in the state or the number of unfilled spots in the state. Since signature event spots do not count towards the state total, qualifying at a signature event as well as states should open up a spot, but I’m not sure if this is true. I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me some feedback about this matter, or if an REC foundation member could step in and clear this up for us.

Thank you so much!

As far as I know signature events wouldn’t be included in the state total, hence them being signature events.

Double qualifications from state or teams that were already qualified and then qualified at state would most likely result in invitations to your state’s skills rankings leaders.

40 state total = amount of single qualifications from state + number of double/triple qualifications from state given to skills leaders from region

Not sure if this made any sense but that’s what I’ve heard happens.

Double/triple-qualifications within a region are not affected by Signature Events. So the number of Skills spots for California would be 40 minus the number of teams who qualified at States.

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In Georgia, due to 1320C’s signature event qualification and state qualification, an extra spot went to GA skills.