Question about skills

I have a question about robot and programming skills. As we know, in programming skills, a team has to use a code and make their robot run autonomously. In robot skills, can you use only your programming skills code (activated by pressing a button on your controller)? I was wondering because the new skills format requires both scores high, and as all experienced teams know, robot skills scores fluctuate more than autonomous scores.

I don’t think you needed to post the exact same question three times.

In the past, there has not been anything preventing you from using your autonomous program in a driver-skill run. I can’t officially answer the question, but I think it’s still allowed.

There is one difference. You should review <G14> and <PSC1>. During programming runs, students can handle the robot as part of the strategy. During Driver Skills and Teamwork, they may not.



Historically, almost all VexIQ team’s Robot Skills (now called Driver Skills) have been higher than their Programming Skills. Therefore, there is no advantage to a team who decides to run their Programming Skills routine for both Programming Skills AND Driver Skills.


I agree with the two posts above but would actually guess running autonomous for both would be a disadvantage given the rules Steve referred to. Most autonomous runs rely on the operator returning the robot to the starting position.