Question about skirts and wedges

Hey, I am sorry in advance if I put this topic in the wrong place. Also, I am sorry if this is a repeated topic but I looked for an answer previously and didn’t find anything

So a while back someone was talking to me and he mentioned skirts and wedges in what I believe is the drive train. Can someone explain to me what those are and if you have pictures/videos/links for me to see those that would be highly appreciated. Also if I am not mistaking, the guy was talking about ways to prevent being pushed around by other bots.

You can taking a look at the 169 TP robots… they have a skirting around their robots to prevent being pushed.

Wedges is normally used to go below the drivetrain of opponents to push them.

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A prime example is definitely 169A. You can look at the need though with 62A from In The Zone.

They were a defensive robot and because of this had little wedges(100% legal) and used these to push people very well in playing defense.

Look here for some other robots too. Some have skirts and some have wedges


I can not enter the link that you shared for the google docs. As for wedges and skirts, are they pretty much the same thing. Also, is the 24" robot that is in the you tube video called “bcuz worlds got cancelled” a good example?

Sorry but I can’t link the video for some reason

The 15" robot kind of has them. They are better when angled though. Just in nature. The flaps on the 24" are not a good example if that’s what you saw because those are for moving cubes out of the way I believe. They don’t help defense

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Also, you mentioned that the wedges are legal. So it is legal to partially lift them in order to push them or it is legal to tip them over?




62a has forum posts, Q&As, and some videos of matches on youtube where essentially you change their normal force so it is easier to push.


Skirting is to prevent opponent from getting underneath your robot.

Wedges is used to get underneath your opponents.

One is for defensive and the other offensive.
But the concept is the same for both.