Question about tipping point rules

At the end of the match, if my robot is touching the mobile goals while sitting on the platform, do the mobile goals still count?


Definition of elevated

Elevated - A Robot and / or Mobile Goal state. A Robot or Mobile Goal is considered Elevated if all of the following criteria are met at the end of a Match:

  1. The Robot or Mobile Goal is contacting their Alliance Platform.
  2. The Platform meets the definition of Balanced.
  3. The Robot or Mobile Goal is not contacting any other Field Element, such as the foam field tiles or the field perimeter.
    a. For the purposes of this definition, contact is considered “transitive” through other Robots and Scoring Objects. For example, as shown in Figure 10, contact with a Mobile Goal that is contacting a field tile would not satisfy the definition of Elevated.
    Note: For the purposes of this definition, any Mobile Goals that are in Possession of an Elevated Robot are also considered Elevated.

(Emphasis mine)


Take a look at the game manual ( and review the section on scoring.

If you still have questions after reading the game manual please post again.


if the mobile goal is touching a foam tile or the wall then the platform is un balanced keep this in mind