Question about weights

Can someone please help me,

currently I am using steel on my drive base and I wan to change to aluminum because the robot is too heavy so can someone tell me some weights?

1)1X5X35 steel c channel
1)1X5X35 aluminum c channel
1)1X5X25 steel c channel
1)1X5X25 aluminum c channel
1)1X2X35 steel c channel
1)1X2X25 aluminum c channel
1)1X2X25 steel c channel
1)1X2X25 aluminum c channel

These are all approximate, but here are the weights I have using Autodesk Inventor to calculate them:

1X5X35 Steel C-Channel     = 0.679 lbs
1X5X35 Aluminum C-Channel  = 0.234 lbs

1X5X25 Steel C-Channel     = 0.485 lb
1X5X25 Aluminum C-Channel  = 0.168 lbs

1X2X35 Steel C-Channel     = 0.367 lbs
1X2X35 Aluminum C-Channel  = 0.127 lbs (Assuming that you meant 35, not 25 here?)

1X2X25 Steel C-Channel     = 0.263 lbs
1X2X25 Aluminum C-Channel  = 0.091 lbs

Aluminum parts weighed on Mr. Blake’s scale:


Hey, Jordan.
I have your CAD library, which rocks, but I have a quick question: how do you calculate the weight of your bot once assembled, or at least, how can I find the individual weights of the parts in your collection?
May your axles remain ever straight,
Collin 1200E New Divide


In order to get to the weight of your part/assembly, simply right-click on the part/assembly’s name in the “Browser” on the left side of the screen. Then click “iProperties…” and in the window that pops up, click the “Physical” tab. From there, you may have to click the “Update” button to refresh the weights, but it should then give you the weight next to “Mass”.


Thank you very much, Jordan. I probably would have never figured that out.
May your axles remain ever straight,
Collin 1200E New Divide

You are very welcome, Collin!