Question about worlds spots

Taken from the RECF Qualifying criteria:

The Event Region Allocation of VEX Worlds 2022 spots will be posted September 2021.

This document will have a scheduled update on September 30, 2021, and January 12, 2022. These
updates will include the addition of qualification to the Live Remote Tournament World Championship
along with changes to VEX Worlds spot allocations and add more spots to the award table if necessary.

The bold text seems to indicate that the worlds spots were released in September, however, they received a scheduled update on Jan 12 of this year. My question is: Does the worlds slots update released in January apply to tipping point worlds in April? Or is it for next year?

The updated spots are based on new registration counts, and they are used for this season. Check the awards tab for your Event Region Championship to see what awards qualify to worlds.


Didnt even think of that. Thanks!

The September version clearly stated that there were a specific number of spots being held back for regional growth allocations and that it would be updated in the spring. This has always been the case, but I appreciate RECF making this process much more clear this season than in previous years.