Question concerning qualifying for state

If an out-of-state team takes tournament champion/excellence award in a local event, does this open up State slots in skills?

One thing you have to remember there are more state spots given out then opening at the state competition because most of the time some overlap happens either with awards, champion winners, etc.

Secondly the team that came from out of state does not qualify for your state event they simply just prevented another team from qualifying for your state.

So to answer your question no, it does not create a spot to be filled by skills, if the state event is not filled, then teams are pulled from skills.


I think it does.

According to the qualifying criteria doc for this year, the spot actually goes to the next highest unqualified team on the Robot Skills ranking AT THAT EVENT. Not sure if that is different from before (I know they changed a few things), but this is what it says:

QUALIFICATION DETAILS Spots to Championship Events within Designated Regions
5. If there is a team competing at the event that is from outside of that region and wins an award that would have won a spot, or a team that double qualifies from the event (not from previous events or other methods), that spot will go to the next highest unqualified team on the Robot Skills ranking at that event. There is no look-back to previous events to see if a team has previously qualified. These spots will be filled by the Regional Support Manager.


Just to be clear, double qualifying spots at championship event to advance to Worlds is a different process:

  1. If all spots could not be given away at a Championship event, or if a team qualifies multiple times either at the Championship or previous to the Championship, there will be remaining spots in that
    region for re-allocation. Remaining middle school spots will be given to middle school teams and remaining high school spots, that were not taken by middle school teams, will be given to high school teams. The highest, unqualified team on the Robot Skills Challenge Score from the World Robot Skills Standings from that region will get the spot and be determined after the last Championship event in that region. Scores from the Championship event will be included on the World Robot Skills Standings for consideration in this process.

Thanks Pascal for getting that posted, I was busy and did not get a moment to update.