Question for viqc worlds

i was just wondering which of the top skills contenders get to go to worlds (it might be top 50?) and do they get to comepete like any regular team or just the skills. also where is worlds held for VIQC?

If you get to world’s by skills, you compete at worlds like any other team. Worlds this year (2019-20) is in Louisville, KY. In 2021 it moves to Texas.

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No one is invited to Worlds based off the Worlds Skills Rankings. You can be invited to VEX Worlds based off of your state skills score, if Robot Skills is invited from your state, or based off of double qualifications. VEX Worlds this year is held in Louisville, KY. All teams that make it to Worlds compete in the teamwork challenge and can complete skills. The only awards that are differentiated at Worlds are STEM and Design, and to compete for those, teams must have won the respective award, or the excellence award, at their state competition.


do u know, by chance if they offer skills in california?

Almost all events in the US offer the Robot Skills Challenge. It is best to check the event description on or contact the event partner for the specific event you are interested in attending.

Yes, Skills is offered in all 50 states


Skills is only used to fill in spots that are taken up by double qualifiers at the state championships. California has x number of spots allocated to go to Worlds from the state championships. If a team takes 2 of the qualifying awards (e.g. Tournament Champion and Excellence) at the Los Angeles state championship, then 1 of the spots will go to the team with the highest skills score for California that has not already qualified for Worlds.

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