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So, I have been seeing the people who got to Regular, and some of them do not even make topic but respond to topics, also some people who got regular only responed to topics 12-20 times, can someone explain me how can someone get regular even tho they never make topics, and respond very less


It’s just a status, everyone who has it has met the criteria listed above. But it really doesn’t matter, you don’t need to be jealous of us regulars lol.


it also depends on flagged posts.

if you have a bunch of posts removed you most likely wont get it.


Is it possible to lose your regular status if you become inactive for too long? iirc I lost my regular status during mid / late Tower Takeover season (was inactive at the time), however I regained it during early change up season and it doesn’t seem to go away when I’m pretty inactive at times


If you get 5 flaged stuff does it reset or it is stuck with us for the rest
of our Life, and also can Drow promote and depromote

I lost my regular status a while back, but earned it back after covid hit and I had nothing better to do.

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Well im definietly not getting regular ive had like 10 “off topic” or “spam” things

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Yeah you can lose regular - I did a while ago and prob will soon again (I haven’t been reading much of the forums recently).

I lost my clout of getting regular on the first day possible with like 10 others (even before DRow himself)


I will never be regular

Don’t worry, it’s still possible to get regual and hang out in the totally existent lounge :sunglasses:
After all, I’m a regular


I may be a regular, but it does not say much about my posting.

I used to really want to make very helpful posts, but after posting misinformation regarding TT rules (before I started keeping the rules next to my Bible :slight_smile:), I now mostly read and learn what I can from building tip posts, and meme threads about JRow.


When i was first introduced to the forum, i spent 2 years just lurking around and reading as many posts as i could… before i even signed up for a forum account.

Don’t feel bad about it :slight_smile:

in fact, many new forum members made the mistake of jumping into discussions when they were still not fully aware or knowledgeable enough in the topics of discussions.

So same thing for @Sharky_do - my sincere advice to you is that do not make this forum status as a goal to be achieved, etc.

There is no need to make comments in threads that are not relevant to you or that you are not able to contribute meaningfully.

There are many ways to make your presence felt or known in the forum, but i hope you will choose the approach that will help to build your reputation as a reliable and knowledgeable VEX participant.

Many of the most respected and knowledgeable teams and mentors are usually quiet in the forum, unless they have something to contribute to. So take a leaf from them :slight_smile:


+1. If you’re making posts intentionally to try to achieve it, you may find you make negative progress. If I were you, I’d just calm down, take a step back, and post meaningful content. If you do, the TL3 badge should come naturally.


Personally, I agree. I think working to get regular role is bad. The work for the title means a lot of time to devote (about 4-5 months or so), so it would be better to focus on smaller and more acceptable rewards to contribute to the forum. Make it like some sort of thing to get one badge a week with different ways to contribute to the forum. By the time you have around 20 badges you’ve became a regular without even realizing it.


i am now a regular

fear me


Yup. Nope?

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Did you apply Camo to it?


I thought he was joking

Also Happy birthday @Connor