Question on "Bound" Notebook

With the addition of the 3 bonus points for a bound notebook, as seen on the newest version of the design rubric here, would a combination of a bound notebook and three ring binder receive the 3 bonus points?

We would write up meetings and show our steps of the design process in the bound notebook, including sketches and other documentation as we build.

The three ring binder would have miscellaneous add-ins (team bios, timeline, the full code, etc.).

Would we have to put the add-ins into the bound notebook for the 3 bonus points, or does having just the design process in a bound notebook count?

Please refer to the postings defining bound notebooks in this forum and review the document team-design-notebooks-and-team-journals on the website.

Judges will only collect the Design notebook. Journals may be kept by teams at their pit area to further their discussions with judges.