Question on cap scoring

I just noticed this in the rule book. On page 4 (section 2 - The Game) in the section discussing the starting point of the caps, it shows that there are 4 caps set in a Non Scored Position. From the illustration, I have to assume this is the 4 caps tilted at an angle and sitting on a ball.

However, later on page 14, in the game rules scoring section, the illustration shows two caps sitting at an angle, red up and being scored as +1 for red. These caps are sitting the same way as the non scored position.

My question is - are tilted caps score-able? In the first illustration the field is undisturbed, so nothing is touched. In the second illustration, the caps are disturbed, since they are not at the starting field color, so does that mean they are score-able?

My concern is the possibility of scoring inconsistency in interpreting this situation. It may be more of an issue early in local matches, than later in the season as well. I can’t get a cap to stay tilted on its own, so the only way this can happen is if the caps were set back on balls (somehow), or were left untouched during a match.

The reason those caps are not scored in the beginning of the match is because the are supported by a ball. Being supported takes away being scored.

For a cap to be scored, the core must touch the field tiles. Four of the caps at the start of a match are resting on balls such that their cores are NOT touching the field tiles. Yes, they are score-able. Move them off of the balls so that the cores touch the field tiles.

I understand that concept, but on page 14 two caps are being shown as scored but they are tilted in the same orientation as starting, as if they are sitting on a ball.

If caps that do not have their cores fully seated on the playing surface are not scorable, then the illustration should be updated.

Just to clarify…page 4- ball under cap, page 14- ball side of cap. Hope that helps?

Please, read the definition of “scored” . Written word supercedes any, “figure/picture” .

Bingo. I didn’t think of a ball being under the lip of the cap, but still letting the core touch. My bad.