Question on Driver control loads

in the rules it says that Drive team members are not allowed to cross the plane of the field except to fix the robot if it has not moved. my question is that it seems that teams will need to build their robot so that it extends pass the boundary when in the loading zone or when it is touching the field that part of the robot extends past the perimeter?

<SG6> Any Scoring Objects introduced during the Match as Driver Control Loads must be either
gently placed on a Robot of your own color touching the Loading Zone or gently entered into the
Loading Zone of your own color, by a Student Drive Team Member, without breaking the plane of the
field, during the Driver Controlled Period. The intent of this rule is to allow teams to introduce objects
into play, but not to impart energy on the Scoring Object which will cause it to end up in a position
outside the Loading Zone.

In other words, you can enter the field to place the ball. I belive the rule u stated is intneded for teams who wish to try and fix their robot on field but cant since the robot has leaft the tile

It’s worded to you don’t play beer pong and send the balls into scored positions directly or down the field where your robot may be parked since it can toss only a few feet/inches and not the diagonal length of the field.

The full diagonal length of the field from corner to corner is 17 feet. (12sqrt(2)) At the close end of the loading zone it is 11.31 feet diagonally (8sqrt(2)) to the far corner. Not sure how much less the net makes it.

I’m I just not understanding this? How do you put balls on your robot/into the loading zone WITHOUT breaking the plane of the field?

I feel like I’m misreading it…

I can understand your confusion. I think the phase “without breaking the plane of the field”, should be deleted. The purpose of rule SG6 is to prohibit any energy from being added to the scoring object when it is being placed on the robot or on the Loading Zone. To do this the “plane of the field” will have to be crossed - as we’ve done every year that I’ve been involved with this competition.

Perhaps it is supposed to say “without breaking the plane of the loading zone”?