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I have a question about legal starting positions accoring to , more specifically the quote below from that rule

Using Field Elements, such as the field perimeter wall, to maintain starting size is only acceptable if the Robot would still satisfy the constraints of and pass inspection without the Field Element

My team has a traybot, which we hold down with the fins on our intake. This keeps it within the sizing requirements, and this is how we set up our bot during each match. Can we use a field element to keep our robot within sizing constraints (more specifically to keep the tray down) for each match, instead of our method with the intake fins? Put more simply, can we start our robot such that in that position it requires a field element to stay within constraints, so long as it can pass inspection in a different configuration? I’m wondering as this would allow us to better preload a cube, as we could put it in the tray itself instead of in front of the bot, saving us time.

No. Regardless of what you did when you were inspected, it is against the rules to start a match outside the size limit, which can only be met if nothing else is holding the bot in.

What is the point of this rule then? I dont really see how it would apply except for this instance

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I think it might be helpful to recall inspection sizing is done with a sizing tool. The sizing is done without any field elements present. it can be done while a team is waiting in line (great way to deal with problems ahead of all other inspection checklist points.

So, my recommendation would be to have your robot pass sizing requirements with out external forces (walls) and with robot at rest (unenergized) in open space.

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Keyword here from OP:

If the game element was not there it would not pass an inspection in its state as the match starts, making it against the rules.

I believe the rule is intended to ‘legalize’ moving parts slightly to fit the cube inside the bot or in the instance of a small chassis, any expanding parts further up from popping out any more than intended

This should also be added:


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