Question on point scoring

When a team takes ownership of one tower and a ball belonging to the other team is in that tower, does the other team still get a point?

Scored includes nothing about ownership of a tower, just that the ball is completely in the cylinder and not touching a bot of the same color, so yes.


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I’m pretty sure the way it works is that the top ball in every goal is the one that’s claims ownership. All balls in each goal are still worth one point.

OOF, sniped by @GBHS_VEX_Member!
But yeah, make sure to read the manual carefully before asking questions here.



Thank you for the clarification. I read over the manual a couple times but couldn’t find anything saying they did count so came here.


Oh yeah, also, as you can see, @GBHS_VEX_Memberlinked to another post in his answer, which means that this question was already answered. So make sure to use the search bar before asking questions here too! This saves everyone’s time.

Thanks for the help :grinning:. Still figuring this out. Do you have any other tips?

read the manual is ethan’s tip of the day



I wonder what tomorrows will be. Will it be something along the lines of: “why don’t u just build gud” or maybe something simpler like: “just git gud”.

But in all seriousness, this is actually a great tip. PLEASE READ THE GAME MANUAL EVERYONE!


What’s this thing that you speak of? What is this manual?


Thank you


Dude, you’ve got to try harder than that. When you’ve been on these forums for forever, you memorize that URL.

Here’s how you rickroll like a pro.

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