Question on PROS 4.0 Release Timing

With many schools starting up, some teams are starting to decide on programming environments. Does the PROS team have any guidance about the timeline for PROS 4.0, especially for teams that may wish to avoid a major upgrade mid-season?


PROS 4.0 beta release has been out for multiple months now, and has been quite stable. We had hoped to release before this season started, but we are still working out some finishing touches to ensure we deliver the best product we can. I will post our estimated release date here once we have it finalized.
In regards to

, there is no requirement to keep your PROS Kernel version up to date; teams should have no issue continuing to running whatever version they are currently on for the remainder of the season (:crossed_fingers: ). For teams that do want to upgrade once it releases, we are working on detailed documentation and guides on how to tranfer PROS 3 projects to PROS 4, the major differences, etc.

In regards to the other aspects of PROS:
We are planning on a VSCode release sometime in the near future. Fixing bugs, new features, even more cli installer improvements. Maybe even some cool experimental features.

CLI work is ongoing but will take longer than expected. We will see, but probably nothing anytime soon.

Hope this helps.

~ Ben