Question on rule <R8>

I know In the manual there’s examples of non vex stuff used but I’ve seen other robots with different stuff not listed in the manual. My question is which non vex stuff is allowed?

i think anything that doesnt harm your teamate/assist you

Some teams may use non-VEX stuff as a non-functional decoration (like a 3D printed figurine or a sticker).


Anything can be used on your robot provided it is a “non-functional” decoration. This means that the robot can function the same without that part. Also, it probably can’t be dangerous such as a flamethrower :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s all spelled out in rule R13 in the game manual

we put tic tac boxes on our whole robot last year. they were just a non functional decoration.

3D printed license plates are allowed, as are zip ties and electrical tape (there’s some kind of rule with those on R8 I think)

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Yah in Tower Takeover we had a little turtle puzzle on our robot and we also had a ton of stickers on our tray.

And what are the rules on Lexan or plexiglass?