Question regarding auton

When I saw this:
it made me think… since when has turning off a controller stopped auton from running? I’m not a tech person, and never tried this, but as far as I know this shouldn’t happen… can someone clarify?

As far as I know, autonomous is autonomous- once it starts, it doesn’t stop till it’s done.

If you lose VEXnet connection between cortex and controller all the motors are stopped. It also will confuse (at best) the competition status as this is sent from the controller.

I guess I would argue that, if turning off your controller during auton would, if fact, stop your robot, then you are controlling your robot and it is NO longer auton and would be a violation.

Imagine you had an autonomous designed to run across the field and get in the way of the other alliance. It works sometimes, as long as the other side is trying to score a mobile goal. However, if they don’t move it will contact their robot while it is still touching the starting bar, which is a rules violation. Also, if their robot doesn’t make it back with the mobile goal before you get there, your robot will cross their starting bar and enter the 10 point zone, also a violation. But if the timing is just right, you spoil their attempt to score a mobile goal in autonomous, depriving them of the autonomous win.

It would be very advantageous to watch what happened after autonomous started, and shut your robot down if things weren’t working well for you.

So yes, that’s controlling the robot during autonomous. And clearly a rules violation. In my opinion.

We need to start instructing teams to put down the controllers in auton. Had a case this past weekend of teams taking out the competition cable to stop the robot.