Question regarding possession

If my team has a robot that has flaps that come out on the sides powered by pnuematics (as shown in the picture above), and those flaps are parallel to the robot’s pushing bar. Is this side of the robot (including the flaps and pushing bar) allowed to push multiple triballs at once due to the fact that the surface is non concave and when the robot turns the triballs don’t turn with it? Or would the refs say that we would only be allowed to push 1 triball, meaning they consider the possession definition satisfied when this side of the robot (including flaps) is contacting a triball?

This is not possession it was allowed at MOA which is a big Sig event so I’m assuming unless they change it in a manual update or explicitly say it in a QnA then it is legal :slight_smile:


There is currently a q&a pending on this subject but my interpretation is that as long as it’s flat, ur good. Possession / Shoving Triballs : Robot Events
Check it out yourself if you like🙂


The definition of possession includes using a concave portion of the robot to push things. Your example is flat, so it is fine. This is actually a common mechanism that lots of people are putting on their robots.


yes as long as the flaps don’t go further than the front plate it is totally legal

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