Question regarding R12 E and G

Okay, so our team was wanting to put a decorative led light strip on the bottom of the drivetrain to display purple the entire match and do only that.

Rule r12 E states that “Internal power sources (e.g., for a small blinking light) are permitted, provided that no other rules
are violated and this source only provides power to the non-functional decoration (i.e. does not
directly or indirectly influence any functional portions of the Robot).”

and rule r12 G states “Decorations which provide visual feedback to Drive Team Members (e.g., decorative lighting)
are permitted, provided that they do not violate any other rules and serve no other function (e.g.,
structural support).”

i understand this seems extremely straight forward but we are really just wanting to clear this up for our sake, do these two rules mean i, can place a small battery pack, only to power one strip of led lights, on our robot, and display one color that is not related to any of the game elements this year?



Since this thread is here I’d like to also ask something, I am planning on using a Vision sensor this year and at some points its sensitive to light, so would someone’s LED lights despite not displaying a field element color be considered functional since it’s messing with another robot?

in my opinion, no, most vision sensors are on relying on red, blue, yellow, for this game, and it’s also looking for objects not dim colors on the floor.

I feel there would be a clear difference in the sensing of color/objects between led lights and a bright yellow disc.

although, if teams do have issues and are actively complaining, I will gladly turn the lights off to ensure fair play/respect to my competitors.


If you’re a competition with a team that is not as gracious, then you can always ask the head referee and they would require the team to turn off the lights that are causing you problems in competition

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