Question Regarding Regional Qualifications

Hello everyone,

I had a question regarding process behind regional qualifications and the restrictions on them. I decided to make this a community forum because I know that a lot of the forum users are coaches or judges that also know the answers to these types of questions.

Yesterday, my team and I competed at the Greenville high school starstruck tournament in Greenville, Texas. We won the Innovate Award, which as far as we are aware does not qualify us for anything, but one of the teams that we talked to over there, which I will leave anonymous, had competed down in South Texas multiple times earlier in the season and had won multiple qualifying awards for the South Texas regional. They had told us that even though they won multiple qualifying awards down there, the REC foundation prevented them from registering for any state championships because the events that they had qualified at were coded to qualify you for the south Texas regional and their team was coded as a team part of the North Texas region, preventing them to sign up for the north Texas regional as well.

I know that last year the REC foundation stated a new rule that you have to compete at your own region’s regional, but does this mean that even if an event says that it qualifies you for a regional that it has to be in your own region?

P.S.: If anyone decides to start asking about designs that were there in this thread, I am closing it immediately. I know that there has been a 60X design thread regarding how they scored so high in skills, but I am here to tell you that that is not the intention of this thread, and should not be the intention of any thread for any teams design.

Earlier this season I emailed Mr. Mead (the Texas RECF regional manager), and he confirmed that if I went to South Texas and qualified for the South Texas Regional Championship, I would still not be eligible to attend. So pretty much even if you qualify for another regional, you still can’t attend.

And neither would it qualify you for the regional that you could attend. (Just to clarify)