Question regarding T5

When this says the drive team member does it mean that the person that is driving?
So not all members of the team has to be in the alliance station?
Do they have to be around the field spectating?

What this means is… if no one from your team shows up at the field for the match, then your team recieves a “no-show” and scores of zeros for that match across the board pretty much. The member who shows up, say if your robot isn’t ready, does NOT have to be the driver. Furthermore, per the game manual, only three members of the team are allowed to be on the drive team that attends the match the field anyways. There is no rule saying what the other members of the team have to be during matches.

So in short:

  1. No it doesn’t have to be the driver.
  2. No they do not have to all be in the alliance station, and if your team have more than 3 people, nor can they be.
  3. No, they can do whatever you want them to do.

So if I have no bot, and 1 person from my team shows up to the match… I still get points?

Provided your teammate isn’t a vegetable, you should at least get some SP points, yes.


This happened at states last year for me, they used a measuring tool that was a bit bent when they did a surprise inspection on us and we were out of size according to that tool, we had to get off the field but I stayed there and our partner won the 1v2 so we got the points as if we played the match because I was there