Question regarding the bottom of the intake where it can go up and down

Hi guys, in most YouTube reveal videos l have seen, at the bottom of the intake, the flex wheels flip up and after the disk has gone in, it flips back down. As we have run out of flex wheel, we could only use rubber bands and sprockets as a alternative intake. Below is a picture of our intake.

We plan to shorten the distance between the first intake and the conveyer belt as the distance is not needed.
We have also built a second one of the rubber band sprocket intake but are not sure if it is required or not.
We could just use the rubber band sprocket in the picture as out up and down intake but since the sprocket chaining on from the conveyer has to be in the middle, it will mix in with our rubber bands.
Any ideas on how will be greatly appreciated!

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A cool part about the rubber band intake with the discs is it doesn’t necessarily need to be floating (floating is what the up and down motion is) for a reference of a rubber band intake → 75503X - prototype intake- VEX spin up - YouTube
make sure your intake angle isn’t so extreme though or it will have a lot of issues intaking


You may want to add more rubber bands to your roller


isnt their intake a bit low
I mean its good if they’re building a catapult but for a flywheel it is too low isnt it?

I’m not sure if it’s low as it’s a separate mechanism not attached to a robot. from a standpoint, if it’s mounted well and at the correct height then it should be fine as the discs are very low to the ground.