Question regarding VEX Season Competition Qualification Guidelines

Hi everyone,

I’m new to VEX this season. I’ve been searching on the Internet about how to sign up and qualify for higher-level competitions (state and global). Do I need to win local competitions? How does this work?

Can someone please give a comprehensive guideline of how to signup and the exact rules on how to move up to qualify for higher-level stuff to ultimately get to worlds?

Btw, we’re participating in the VEX Tower Takeover season.

You need to qualify for your local state/regional event

Then you need to win that event

Then you go to worlds

Search on the RECF site for the qualification guide


for State Qualification:

  • win tournament
  • win excellence
  • win skills
  • (for larger tournaments) win design award

** before state, if not all the spots are filled, what oklahoma does, is go through and give spots to top skills rankings for the state
*** the same goes for US Open, and you have to win a local tourney to qualify for signature events

for World Qualification:

  • Win State
  • Win Excellence at State
  • Win design at state

** there are a few other options depending on how many spots your state gets for Worlds. Oklahoma only gets 5 i believe (3 HS and 2 MS)


For the specifics in you region you might want to contact RECF manger on what qualifies for State tunaments or the world tauament ore even the US Open. This might be a usefull way to get there. This is as difret regions have difrent set up on how thay deal with qualfication an example would be the New Zealand region where you dont need to qulify for nationals and just can go. Where as in outher regions like California qualification is required to go to states if there is a comfesive list for your regin your RECF Reginal manger would probably have it. The link is here to RSM contact map .

Not all Signature Events require that you win a local tourney.

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Anyone know where we can find the number of spots our state has for worlds? The state competition in robotevents for some states doesn’t have worlds listed at all (ie Maryland though it definitely has spots and they were listed last year) while others have varying numbers of awards qualifying for worlds.

I know that more are added in January but I assume that they aren’t going to change drastically from last year

link to page to download qualifying document (pdf). I hope this is what you are looking for.

qualifying document link