Question that I have

So I’ve been looking for an Los Angeles team. Does anyone have a team I can join? I have 3 years of experience.


Id honestly try to get some sponsers id see some places willing to sponser and make ur own team of 2 you can do that lol

Standard advice here - contact the RECF Regional Support Manager who has connections with virtually every key team in their region. They can the provide pointers to teams that can help you.

Look at
and you can find your RSM for your region.


try seeing if your school is willing to start up a team

Great suggestion, and RECF RSM can provide leads to grants and information about program to school.

Where in LA are you ?
one good option, if you are close to them, would be rolling robots.


There are LOTS of great teams in LA! I’m sure you will find one that is a good fit, depending on your location. This map search feature can help you find teams in your area


Is this for iq or edr

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