Question: When will the 2023-24 Game Field Elements Pre-Order come out?

Dear all,

As the 22-23 Game Field elements were available for pre-ordering around this time last year, we would like to know approximately when it will be out this year so we can get the field asap. Many thanks!


I contacted vex about this same question, a representative in sales stated that “it could come out anytime in the next two weeks, however dont quote me on that”. I have however recieved an email from a new zeland vex reseller that the pre-order is out on their website (how that translates to legitimate vex I dont know).

Best help I can say is to wait, and check back each morning. They should be posted before worlds so assume less than 28 days lol. Hope this helps!


When they are out, they are out…

Ditto for registering teams for next season…

Ditto for setting up events for next season…

How about we roll with it? You know like Game Reveal - and then hate it because it involves water shorting out all your electronic gear and rusting metal structure…



Our team managed to contact VEX and was able to put an order in, not through the website but from a rep tho