Question, will tractor robot be valid in competition?

Hello everyone, we have a question in our group regarding one of our robots (tractor).
Is this type of design valid according to the rules?

As long as it uses no more than 8 motors, fits within the 18” by 18” by 18” start size, and it doesn’t expand to more than 36” then you should be fine.


What rules do you think the robot might be violating? Perhaps we could answer your question better if you can cite something from the game manual.


We are in the VEX U category, but the important thing we want to know is that if mounting the bases on the back of the robot counts as valid in the score or the bases have to touch the ground no matter what.

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We are beginners in VEX U

So your question is about scoring, not about the robot. VEX-U is scored the same way as VRC according to the game manual. The section on scoring in the game manual describes how elevated goals score as well.


according to the attached photo for you, is this score worth it?

The picture looks like two elevated goals and the robot for 110 points. What is your question? Any score is “worth it” right?


Thank you, we already understood that if the bases are valid within our robot

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