questions about building a new robot

Hi my name is makia and I attend Times Squared Academy high school. We participate in an event called science fair and I had a question about a robot I wanted to build. I want to build a therapeutic robot for children with juvenile arthritis. Even though I have my idea I don’t know what type of robotic parts to buy, and I was wondering if that’s were you could help me. I want the robot to be able to detect hand pressure and respond to hand movement, and maybe voice commands. Please write back, and thank you for your time.Makia

I’m not sure if the VEX sensors are what you will want to use. The best they have for detecting hand pressure would be the or switches both of which can only tell you pressed or not pressed. The closest thing for hand movements would be the sensor which measures distance. For voice commands you would gave to interface with something nonVEX.

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