Questions about competition etiquette

  1. can we / should we take photos of other bots? I would like to collect as much data as possible.

  2. what is the power plug situation? is it everyman for himself or are there norms such as use power strips if possible?

  3. Would it be disrespectful to film matches if the host is already filming? is it worth asking?

  4. How many of these questions could be answered by the host, and or varies by host or location

  1. Yes, with their consent.
  2. Usually outlets are somewhat hard to come by if the host hasn’t provided any power strips, so bring some if you can.
  3. No? I personally say it’s not disrespectful.
  4. I would venture to say all of these.

For taking of photos and filming, if it is during matches, then it is fair game for everybody,

But if it is walking over to another team’s pit area, then it will be nice to chat with them, find out more abt their robots and then ask permission to take photos (especially close up shots).

But you will be surprised to see how open and sharing is among the teams :slight_smile:


I would always take a power strip (preferably very large) and an extension cord… just in case! Sometimes there will be tons of available outlets nearby for everyone, but many times they are few and far away and we’ve had to share with other teams.


Power outlets can be every man for them selves at times. Being polite and taking one plug for an extension cord to your pit helps. Usually someone plugs in a beefy power expander to the outlets that everyone can piggyback off of

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