Questions About New Virtual Skills

The new virtual skills options seem really interesting- from my understanding it is a tool for students to learn how to program robots. I have a few questions about it :

  1. Are there rankings for virtual skills scores ?
  2. Can you add your own custom robot design with virtual skills- if so what file types are supported ?
  3. Can I qualify for national/internatioanl stages with virtual skills ?
  4. Is it essentially similar to the robot virtual worlds which were previously available for RobotC
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Welcome to the forum @Vir!


VRC Standings
VIQC Standings





Are there any prizes for virtual skills rankings ?

I believe there are a small amount of worlds qualification spots that will be given to some of the top virtual skills teams. However this may be false.

This link about getting started in Virtual VEX Skill is helpful.


Okay I was wondering about this as well. I am currently working on the virtual skills and it’s pretty fun, but I think I might be able to get the highest score (if the stupid platform wasn’t so buggy it’d already be done :angry:). If I do, I was told my team would qualify for worlds, but I wanted to check to see if this was true. I did some Google searches, but none of them could pull up any information on it. Kinda frustrating to be honest.

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