Questions about ring scoring rules

In Definition: scoring, Scoring Notes, it said a scoring Ring must first meet the following prerequisite criteria:
• Not contacting a Robot of the same color Alliance for which the Rings would receive points
• Not contacting any Rings which are not considered scored

However, in reality, such situations often occur:

When my robot scores enough rings on the same MOGO, there will always be some rings accidentally falling on the ‘1-point-zone’. These rings are very easy to touch the robot and the scoring ring on the branch at the same time. Especially when robot is lifting and it’s very hard to move away. Due to the existence of ‘transitivity’, are all 10 rings here not scoring?

Yes, unfortunately all the rings on that goal that are transitively in contact with your robot would not be considered scored.


Those would be descored. All you can do is hope nobody points it out


I would recommend dropping the goal and driving away at the end of the match as a short term fix. Long term, try and come up with a way to stop the rings from hitting your grabber and maybe shortening your miny L channels.