Questions about the game that aren't answered in the manual

I needed confirmation on the square, not rectangle.

So if you look in the manual you can see the dimensions of the square and you know the dimensions of the cube. Ahh sniped by @mattjiang

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5mo. welcome back @mattjiang

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@Doctortictac but for future reference, please do a little bit of research before asking a question like this on the forums, a lot of these answers are actually in the manual.

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Yes the square can only hold one cube, however if you’re team is the only one in your alliance to do the auton and you’re only doing one stack you should stack into the sqauare goal zone as there is more margin for error.


technically you could fit more that 1 stack if you balanced 2 stacks on top of 1 base cube, but for practical purposes, you only have 3 slots. one in the unprotected goal zone, 2 in the protected goal zone.

Ok. Thanks! 20characters

I have another question, What is the weight of the cubes?

that would be however very difficult

So searching in the forum will give you other times this has been asked, you are number 8.

The best consolidated resource is this one: VRC Tower Takeover FAQ - Read This Before Posting a Question!


Thank you foster, I have been trying to find this out for a while because when I weighed one myself I got 12 ounces and I wanted to double check.

Thought of a q: I dont think it’s in the manual unless I missed it twice. Can a robot play defense on you while you’re in your goal zone scoring a stack?

That is in the manual for sure! Search for protected zone and you’ll find what you are looking for. (Page 21)


@Foster all I found is what a protected zone is…


Thanks DRow! Also I feel special, you replied to me :smiley:

So I only saw that no robot can play defence on you while you are placing a stack in your protected zone. But what about the unprotected zone, can the opposing alliance hit my robot when I am placing my stack in the unprotected zone?

I think you’ve already answered your own question. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is why you should have an autonomous that scores in the unprotected zone during auton so you dont have to worry about defense while trying to score in the protected zone in driver control.


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