Questions about vision sensor

  • Is there a way to parameterize the input to “take a snapshot” block?
  • image
  • What does the angle property of the vision sensor report? I always get 0 in my testing.
  • Is the vision sensor supposed to able to stream while it’s being used by a program? And is there a way to include detected objects in that stream (like it identifies object when you configure it)? When I tried to connect to the vision sensor wifi and stream from while the brain was running a program and polling the sensor at the same time, the brain repeatedly reported the sensor as being disconnected/reconnected.
  • What exactly forms a signature? Is it an object outline, a color range?..
  • When it recognizes multiple objects, does it list them in a specific order (e.g.: ranked by area)?

The vision sensors look for color, so it looks for the color signatures. It can’t identify specific objects, just the colors objects are.

It ranks it by area of the color. In the code, you can ask for the coordinates of the biggest area of color. The vision organizes instances of colors in squares and rectangles, so if the object is all red but a circle, it might see that object as multiple squares rather than a circular red dot

Not with blocks, you should be able to with text. You can create individual custom blocks for each signature you want to look for.

This is used when you use color codes (two or more color signatures viewed as a unit).

No, it cannot do both simultaneously.

The signature is a region of color based on what is set in the configuration utility. The configuration utility shows what it recognizes for a signature by highlighting the region in the preview window.


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