Questions/concerns about the new Vex license plates.

We just got the new license plates in the SkyRise Welcome Kit and I must confess that I’m a bit baffled by the intention behind these.

Will these new plates be required? :frowning:

Will the kids be required to switch license plates depending on what color alliance they are? The product description seems to indicate that is indeed what they are for, but I’m wondering how easy it will be to switch plates between matches when the matches might be only ~15 minutes apart.

I know my kids went through some difficult times screwing their plates on last year because they allowed for mounting them only as an afterthought. I’m guessing they weren’t alone in this kind of oversight. Is there some kind of new connector Vex is introducing or could introduce to make switching plates fast and drama-free?

Also, the plates are kinda thick. With one mounted on each side of the robot chassis, they will add nearly 1/2" to the dimension of the robot. I hate to complain, but…:eek:

As far as I know, you can still use the flags. Did the welcome kit not come with regular plates?

I’d suggest just using your 2013-2014 season plates or past seasons if it didn’t come with regular plates. I’ve never had trouble with using them. As long as the refs and MC can see your number, you’re fine. It doesn’t matter what date it has on it.

I’ve used a 2010-2011 plate this past year.

This is not that hard of a design constraint to keep in mind. It is a very minor limitation. Also, there’s nothing that ways it has to be on your outer drive rails or something, so they would only add a 1/2" to your dimensions if you implement it that way.

I think they are nice. They look much better then having the ID plate and a flag, and you wont have to worry about flags falling off all the time and sitting on the field.


I agree but I think if these plates are going to be a requirement, then the kids better know about it well in advance.

They aren’t a requirement, the Skyrise manual mandates you to have a flag holder on your robot. I will probably still use the flags so it’s easier to switch quickly when you come to the field and find out you’re actually red instead of blue like your coach told you.

At worlds this year when they announced them they stated that next year worlds is going to use flags (so no there not required). Also if you just use some kep nuts and thumb screws 15 min is way more than enough time to change them out.

The way I think they work is the click in that’s what hey said in the product unvale.:confused:

During the product announcement, Mr. Copioli said that it’s up to event sponsors to determine whether or not alliance flags will be used. If I remember correctly, he said that the 2014-2015 World Championship will still be using flags. I suspect most competitions will not care which method you use.

I haven’t played around with them, but Mr. Copioli said that they are designed to be easily changed, where one stacks on top of the other. So, for example, you screw in the blue plate and the red one is designed to come on and off easily.

Edit: looks like I’m summing up what everyone else said… Ah well :confused:

Interesting. I had not heard that until now. :slight_smile:

Lol I just said that.:p:p

That’s because you just quoted yourself. :smiley:

Whoops I’m being derpy today.:stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I don’t see how they click into anything. They don’t seem to click into one another, either. What are they supposed to click into/with/upon/above? :confused:

When you look closely at this image, it looks like there are screws? (pop rivet, maybe?) that allow you to attach a license plate on top of another.

And without the second license plate:

I looked at the ones we received and the holes are clearance holes - there are no threads. I did not see any blue-headed slot-style fasteners in the package either. :confused:

I wonder why they had to make them so thick?

Hi Guys,
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One of our teamates went and found some IQ bolts that were laying on the floor over in that area of the convention center, and those can be used to attach the 2 plates together

Would that be legal? :confused:

**<R5> **Robots may be built ONLY from Official Robot Components from the VEX Robotics Design System…
c. Products from the VEXpro, VEX IQ, or VEX Robotics by Hexbug product line cannot be used for robot construction. …

The way I would see it is that they are allowed, because the plates, as per the rules, are considered non-functional decorations, therefore it doesn’t matter if they are a VEX part or not.

It would be cool if the ID plates by themselves are considered robot construction parts and we can cut them up and use them, but I doubt it.

What is VEX by Hexbug? I know they both are from IFI, but VEX Robotics by Hexbug???

***This is NOT an official ruling, just the way I would look at it.

just fix it on using velco …