Questions on the Game Manual

Can someone please tell me what this means?


This refers back to something I am doing. There are two motors for a claw. One motor is controlled with Btn5U and Btn5D. Another motor is controlled with Btn8L and 8R, though they are doing the same thing for the claw just to support each other.

If anybody can explain to me what this rule means and if what I am doing is allowed, please advise me on that. Thank you.


That looks like the game manual for VRC, not VIQC.

This is the manual you want to use:

I must’ve mixed up the topic then. Sorry!
Edit: I changed the topic to VEX EDR General Discussion.

In that case, the Motor Controller 29 was used control the voltage sent to a motor for the cortex based system. That rule is saying that you cannot have multiple of those connected together leading to one motor. What you are doing is perfectly fine.


Okay, thank you for explaining to me about this stuff. yeyeye :smiley:

Is it even possible to attach multiple motor controllers to a single motor and make it work?

Apparently, a team in my class got disqualified for doing that. I’m not sure how they did it but they did it.

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