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My team had some questions over these super regionals that are panned for June-July. We watched the townhall on YouTube, and we have some questions. Will these 8 events be spaced out geographically? We are worried that as a Midwest team that all the regional events will be in Texas, California, and the east coast.

Another concern is who will get to go? With only 50 teams attending these events, I am worried about local claw bot teams taking up the spots of more competitive robots. I feel that teams should have to qualify in some way such as by winning an award or getting a minimum skills score. Maybe the spots should only be opened up to teams who qualified for worlds for a week, and then opened to the general public.

I appreciate that the Rec Foundation is running these events, but I am worried about being able to attend these events and them being watered down by local claw bots. Hopefully these events will be a success and these issues are being addressed in some way.


They are called Showcase Events. There will be up to 8 VRC Showcase Events in the United States, and only teams from any given event’s ‘extended event region’ will be able to register. There is a limit of 2 teams per organization, and total capacity should be between 40 and 64 teams for each event.

Source: I am an Event Partner


Do you know the exact locations where these will be held?

RECF will select up to 8 VRC Showcase Events in the United States based on location and proposed event quality. The locations are not predetermined, but they should be spread out across the country.


Ok and so only the people in that considered region can register. Now will it just be whoever can sign up first thing or like you have to be qualified in some sort of way. This is because in thst certain region there will be more than 40-60 teams that will want to play in it.

No qualification requirements as far as I know. Just 40–64 teams from a given event’s ‘extended region’ capped at 2 teams per organization.

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Oh man ok. That’s gonna be tough to get into then.

That is why I am recommending opening up to all teams after giving spots to teams who have won awards throughout the season.

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I would recommend giving spots based on skills score as opposed to awards, if any metric was to be used. For those who haven’t competed in many events, especially since this year is different, the skills scores are a better metric of competitive teams


Good point. Maybe they could open it up at like 8 o’clock for teams with scores over 200 and then at 8:30 it could open to teams with scores over 190. Teams with scores over 180 at 9 o’clock so on and so forth until the event is full. Obviously the times and scores could change, but I think idea could help better teams get in first.

That’s an idea but having the first one at 200 I can almost garentee all the spots would be closed. If you want more higher level teams getting in at a more consistent rate going you prob want it at like 220.

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No!!! This is one off from my score.

Oh I said 220 and was thinking of just driver lol. Huh yah 220 will definitely get you the higher level teams. I was thinking of a 120 driver

There are only 80 teams in the us with scores over 200. They said that there would be 8 events each with about 50 teams. Realistically, we can assume that only us teams will attend. As of now, 400th place in the us is 136.

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Yah I got confused with driver runs and full runs my bad.

Super regionals/showcase events info has been posted!*&city=&affiliation_id=

Which one will your team be attending?

  • Virginia
  • Australia
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • Texas
  • California
  • Utah
  • South Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Arkansas
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