Questions Pertaining the Tipping Point Rules

Ok I have some questions about the Tipping Point rules.
The Manual says that robots can hoard 1 goal at a time but it keeps referring to the neutral mobile goals. Can robots hoard the opposing alliance’s mobile goal? Like if the blue alliance went and stole red’s goal. Would hoarding that goal be allowed?
Second question. I couldn’t find a clear definition of what the Autonomous Win Point was and what it does for the team who gets it. What is the Win Point and what does it do?

The manual didn’t say you can’t hoard opposing alliance’s goals, so you can do that.

Winning a match will grant you 2 win point, losing is 0, and tie is 1. So the autonomous win point basically just grants you 1 win point (if you did the task correctly)


Win points are used for rankings. You are awarded 2 for winning a match, 1 for tying, and 1 for completing a certain task described in the manual during the autonomous portion.


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